Your care...
The things that are important to you are the things that are important to us. You will be valued as a unique individual and we will tailor the care you receive to support you.
We will discuss your personal needs and wishes with you so that we can develop a care plan for you. This care plan belongs to you and it will include all the things that we need to do to support you. The aim of your care plan is to help you maintain your independence and wellbeing to ensure that you enjoy the best quality of life possible. We will review your personal needs with you regularly to make sure that your care plan remains up to date.

You can keep your own doctor as long as the care home is within your doctor's area and your doctor is willing to visit you here. Alternatively, the care home team can help you find a new doctor. We have a local surgery which has a team of doctors, one of whom visits the home every week and is always happy to discuss any health queries or concerns you may have.

District and community nurses will visit you at the home and you will continue to have access to NHS and community services. In most cases these healthcare professionals will visit you in the home, but where you need to attend an appointment we can help you make suitable transport arrangements.

The home will complete their own assessment and ensure we get to know what your needs and preferences are. At Tamar House we like to provide as much independence as possible and ensure you remain in control of your own life with the support of the care staff.

We have a lot of activities that happen within the home and if you don’t want to take part you don’t have to. At Tamar House we welcome you into our family and understand that at the beginning this can be an anxious time for you so we are here to ensure you feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible.
We want you to know that if Tamar House is the home for you we want to make it home from home as much as we possibly can.

Please be aware that due to COVID-19 our assessment process has been adapted and can only be completed via telephone/facetime.
Care Highlights
Personal Care Plan.
We will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your personal needs and from this we will develop / update your care plan to ensure you enjoy the best quality of life.
Your Doctor.
You can keep your own doctor (provided you remain in their area) or we can help you find a new one - our local surgery has GP's who visit us every week.
Community Healthcare.
We have district & community healthcare professionals will visit you the same way as they would in your own home.
Your Medicines.
You can choose to look after your own medication or ask us to manage it for you.
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