What our residents families say...
Over time we have been privileged to know and care for a great many residents. Below is a small sample of what some of them, their families and our staff have to say about us.

Abbeyfield Tamar House provides OUTSTANDING care!


We always knew that excellent care was provided at Abbeyfield Tamar House but the manager and staff were thrilled to have it officially confirmed when the local CQC inspector paid us a visit in March.


During the visit the inspector spent the day looking at records, talking to residents, relatives and visiting professionals before writing a report in which, amongst other things she said:


Staff were committed to ensuring people received the best possible support in an exceptionally caring and nurturing environment

Staff were exceptionally motivated about ensuring people were treated with the utmost kindness, compassion and support

Staff were genuinely committed to providing exceptional care and were very attentive, spending individual time with people.

The service strived to help people live independent and fulfilling lives.

Staff valued their relationships with people and told us they were genuinely pleased to come to work.

Staff showed a positive, 'can do' attitude and were creative in finding ways to enhance people's lives


The Registered Manager, Francesca Fletcher said:

“As the Registered Manager of Abbeyfield Extra Care society, I could not be any prouder of my team with our recent inspection. It has been a very challenging time for us, and the team have adapted very well to new management.


Each member of staff has grown and adapted very well to all the new changes that have been implemented.


Daily you feel the home is alive. We support each other with laughter, smiles, tears, and we all know we are one big family. We ensure we remain professional but supportive.

As a leader, it’s very difficult to get followers when you come into the team as a new manager. They accepted me very well and through this journey they have shown how passionate they are.


I do the ‘mum test’ and I would happily allow my mum to reside at Tamar House.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Tamar House. We are very happy with our ‘OUTSTANDING’ in caring. A very impressive report and we could not have done it without each member of the team.”


One of our residents said:


“On April 7 I arrived back at the home after a hospital appointment and I was picked up by Francesca and within two minutes of arriving back I heard an enormous cry of joy. It was Francesca who had just received an email about an inspection that the Home had recently. It was to say that the Home had received an outstanding remark in caring which is the highest remark you can get. All the staff were outside Francesca’s office and they all joined in with a group huddle and I believe there were tears. This was all due to the hard work that the staff had put in. They are very hard-working and deserve this because it is on merit that the home received this remark. My name is RAY and I have only lived at the Home for six months it took me awhile to settle in but now feel I am fully integrated in the workings of the home. I get on well with the carers we have a laugh together and that the carers are doing their best to keep us happy because of the Coronavirus where we can’t have no outside entertainment or family visits. They do quizzes for us and on a Sunday, they do a church service for us. They do other things to try and keep our spirits up the Home received good in all the other sections of the report this is a very good home and I am now very settled and happy I couldn’t wish to be in a better residential home than this one.”


The Trustees, manger and staff are all so proud of this achievement and will continue to work hard to ensure these high standards of care are maintained for the future months and years.

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From Lindsey S. (a resident’s daughter) - January 2021 


Dear Francesca et al,

My mum D….. was very touched yesterday during the residents' meeting by how hard you and your team and all the staff have been working to make sure that residents are kept safe during these awful times.


She has mentioned to me on numerous occasions how busy you all are, and how hard you work. I think yesterday she also realised how stressful it has been for you all to keep everything running smoothly and to keep residents safe.


On behalf of my mum and all my family I would like to thank you and all the staff for everything you are doing, against such very challenging odds.


I think most ordinary people feel powerless to help those on the front line, but if you can think of anything we can do then please let me know.


In the meantime please convey our gratitude and appreciation to all your staff members.


With thanks


A Letter from Paul C - November 2020


Hi Tracey and Francesca


Just a belated message to thank you both for all you did in support of getting my Mum into Tamar House – even though she never made it in the end.  My wife and I were so pleased to have found such an excellent care home for Mum so close to where we live, and Mum, right up to her death, was really excited at the prospect of joining you.  She had lived 79 years in Canterbury, 50 years in the same house and so it was a big decision for her to make; all of us recognized however, how much the transition would have improved her quality of life.  Sadly, her cause of death was the fall she took on 11 Sep, from which she never recovered.


Thanks again to both of you for all your sterling efforts, I so wish Mum could have made it to you.



Review from Debbie L (Daughter of Resident) - August 2020


Tamar House care home is a very caring and responsible home for the residents in its care. All staff go beyond their normal duties making sure tha all residents are looked after. Lovely clean home with nice meals. Dad has been at Tamar House over a year and is very happy and comfortable always praising the staff.

Review from Denise O (Daughter of Resident) August 2020

There have been many changes over the last 12 months or so and from what I have seen, all of them are for the better. Management and staff are very good at keeping me informed of what is going on for my dad and the care home in general. This was always good, but in these tricky times of Coronavirus, have been even better. My dad is very content and happy where he is. He has a good relationship with the staff, leading to some fun and laughter, something I feel is very important.


Review from Sally E (Daughter of Resident)  August 2020

My mother has been at Tamar House for approx. 4 years and during that time she has been treated with dignity and respect, is well cared for, and is encouraged to take part in all activities. The staff are helpful and respectful to relations and visitors, keeping immediate relations informed of any problem or treatment.

Review from Carolyn W (Daughter of Resident) July 2020


This is the best home I have seen, having viewed at least 7 others. My mother is well cared for and I am kept well informed by the friendly staff.

Entertainment is provided regularly in normal circumstances. Every effort has been made during the current pandemic to keep the residents happy.

Review from Cherry C (Daughter of Resident)  July 2020


My 95-year-old Mum has been living at Tamar House for over 2-years. Throughout this time she has been looked after exceptionally well by all of the staff. They are very caring and treat her with dignity and respect. At times, Mum becomes agitated and distressed, and staff respond appropriately and give her time and support. I am informed of any changes in Mum’s condition, and along with her, I am involved in decisions regarding her care.


During this extremely difficult lockdown period, all the staff have been excellent, and our whole family acknowledge how well Mum is cared for by them all

Review from Anne S (Niece of Resident)  July 2020


I would certainly recommend this care provider because of the care they give the residents with a firm but kind touch. 

I am also very impressed by the way the home has managed to keep both residents and staff free from the Coronavirus.

I am always welcomed when I go to drop things off, and I am

kept informed of the medication changes for my aunt.

Review from Pamela T (Daughter of Resident)  July 2020


During coronavirus, the staff have been so accommodating and reassuring.

July 2020


From a residents Granddaughter


I will never be able to thank you all enough for giving me a wonderful 18 months with my Pops.

Without your care, love, safe environment and sense of humours he would of not been able to be himself.

The end of life care he received is something you should all be so proud of. Not every home gets it right but you all did.

With dignity and respect he died

As a family we feel very lucky that we had you all.

Thank you all so much for giving him such a beautiful send off.




From the Funeral Director


Good morning Francesca


Thank you for your email. Also, a big thank you to the staff and residents of Abbeyfield for their lovely gesture of coming out and paying their last respects to PG. The family were very touched by this. The salute was also very touching.

Testimonial February 2020


I am just writing to thank you and all of your team at Tamar House for the wonderful care you give to Mum each time she comes to stay for respite.


Mum was finding life increasingly difficult, living alone, so moved in with my husband and myself just over 2 years ago.

We then retired from our Business and it was important for us to find a Residential home with respite facilities where Mum would be happy.

Luckily for us all, we found Tamar House. My daughter and myself spent many weeks visiting homes within our area and as soon as we entered Tamar House, we both know it was the right place.


Mum has stayed on many occasions and each time she is made to feel so welcome and part of the family atmosphere that is created.


I have met many of the staff and each and every one of them are wonderful.

Mum has a dairy intolerance and the Chef comes to her room when she arrives to discuss what he has bought in especially for her.


I cannot recommend Tamar House highly enough and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the professionalism, compassion and care.


Mrs Q

Respite care for Dementia Patients at Abbeyfield, Tamar House


When my Mum was diagnosed with Dementia the doctors advised that she shouldn’t live alone anymore as it appeared to them that she was getting confused with her medication, either not taking it or taking too much. She had lost a lot of weight and they thought that she may have been missing meals or not bothering to eat.  My Dad had been admitted to a Nursing Home the month before.


As a working mum of 3 in an enjoyable, but demanding job, I knew I had to find a balance to be able to make this extra caring responsibility work. With a husband who works away from home for many days at a time and older children at university in the Midlands and up North, it became very important for me that I could take time out to be able to spend time together as a family or visit my children while they were away.


I needed to find somewhere where I knew my mum would feel safe and happy. My Mum is very shy and gets quite nervous meeting new people. This has become harder for her with dementia.


When I visited Abbeyfield, Tamar House it felt and smelt like a real home. We were warmly greeted and offered a cup of tea as soon as we walked in. Their respite room is on the ground floor so there wasn’t any need for me to worry about when Mum went for her night time wanders that she may fall down any stairs as she would be confused about where she was in the night!

The respite room is a good size, not too big to be overwhelming for Mum and felt cosy with space for personal belongings.


When I took Mum there for the first time she was very nervous. We settled her into her room, hung up her clothes and then she was taken into the sitting room with the other guests. The handover with Mums’ medication was easy and they asked what her favourite foods were and whether she preferred tea or coffee etc. All this put me at ease and I knew that Mum would free safe.


When picking her up after our trip, Mum was sat in the lounge listening to music and singing with the other guests. She looked so happy and more engaged than I have seen her for months. The handover back was smooth. They ran through their observations, how Mum got up confused in the night but was well looked after and settled back to sleep. During the hot summer my Mum had asked to go outside in the garden to sit. This meant that a member of staff had to go with her. On her enjoyment of the lovely gardens, Tamar House will now be putting up a secure fence so the guests can go into the garden at their leisure.


The next time Mum stayed so I could visit my son’s at their universities to bring them back for Christmas, my Mum remembered where she was and she was quite excited about going there. We were welcomed at the front door by our names and she was whisked off for breakfast. A few days later when I picked her up, she looked rested and happy. Before we left she went to ‘say goodbye to my friends’! My Mum had enjoyed the activities although she couldn’t quite remember what she had done.


I will continue to be able to visit my sons and spend time as a family whilst knowing that my Mum is happy and safe with people who care and understand when she gets confused or wanders at night.


Review from Wendy R (Daughter of Resident) June 2019


My mother has lived at Tamar House for more than a year now. It took her some time to settle and feel at home. The care team are very supportive to her, especially when she is unwell or anxious. They do everything they can to help her, treating her with care and dignity. The home is very welcoming to our family and keep us informed and involved in activities and events. I know Mum is safe and cared for at Tamar.

Patricia Addis of Derriford writes....

After a period of illness and hospitalisation, my mother was no longer able to look after herself.
However, she needed companionship and being able to interact with others, as she had always been a ’social animal’.
My husband and I started to research and visit residential care homes in the north Plymouth area and eventually came across Abbeyfield Tamar.

After a brief visit where we were shown around and met some of the staff, we both instantly felt that this was the place for her to be.
I cannot speak highly enough of the standard of care and compassion that was given to her.

During her time there, she made many friends (including staff) and talked about them all fondly.
She even had favourite nicknames for some of the staff and would very often say “you’re my favourite’.
The response, of course, was predictable - “I bet you say that to all the girls/boys” and they would just laugh.
They were all her friends.

The management of the home was second to none and over a period of time, all the staff became part of our family - as I’m sure we did theirs.
We attended and supported various events at the home and mother could not have been more happy.
She knew that she was in caring and loving hands.

Sadly in May of this year, after an operation and short period in hospital, she returned to her home at Abbeyfield, where she passed away at the age of 97 years - surrounded by her familly and caring staff that had seen her through her short period of illness.

To anyone contemplating whether to entrust one of their family to a residential care home, then I can honestly say that they would be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Abbeyfield Tamar.

A BIG thank you to all at Abbeyfield.

Patricia Addis.
To All the Staff at Abbeyfield Tamar House

How do we start to express our thanks to you, as thank you doesn't seem enough for all you have done for mum over the last few days.

She had the most wonderful 100th birthday any lady could possibly wish for, and a massive part of it was thanks to you. We think she will remember this for the rest of her life, you have made her a very happy lady.

We know how much effort went into making her birthday the success it was, as these things do not happen without it. We also know that people came in on their day off to be there, and everyone made a tremendous contribution.

All her friends who attended the party said what a wonderful atmosphere the home has, and they felt it the moment they walked in the door. As the afternoon progressed they were even more impressed with the care and attention that was given to her and the other residents, way beyond the call of duty.

The balloons, banners and flower decorations were wonderful, the lunch spread was fantastic and the cake was amazing, which all contributed to a wonderful day. It was a lovely idea to ask Brian the entertainer to contribute. It was touching to see the photos of Nell  in her youth and the songs that he sang went down well with everyone.

It was lovely that the residents were included as they have become her friends and it was a real family atmosphere which was perfect.

We know mums 100th birthday was a very special occasion, but the reason she was able to enjoy it so much is the way she has been treated since she joined the permanent residence of Tamar House in July 2016. We know she wouldn't have enjoyed her birthday so much if she had been living elsewhere.

Our grateful thanks go out to you all, for the every day care you show not only to mum, but to all the residents. Love seems to be a very important part of this, which to us is the way it should be.

Thank you all again, although those 2 words are still not enough to express our gratitude.

You have made an old lady very, very happy, and her Daughter and Grand-daughter very relieved that we found you (How lucky we are!)

Bless you all

Love Denise and Beccy

Mrs. Mary Gage of Gunnislake writes....

Dear Gill

On behalf of myself, my brother and my husband we would like to pass on our thanks to you personally and all the staff at Tamar House for the way you have cared for my mother these past five years.

The standard of care that has been provided along with the excellent facilities has been exceptional. This cannot have been more clearly demonstrated than during the last days of her life and your utter determination that she would not be moved to a hospital environment.

We simple cannot thank every member of the Tamar House team enough.

What we would ask is that you share a glass or two in memory of Audrey, may she now rest in peace.

With our sincere thanks once again.

Yours faithfully

Mrs. M. Gage

Mrs. Christine Bramall writes....

To All the Staff at Tamar House

It is with a certain sadness that Florence's stay at your care home has come to an end. We wish to express our admiration and great thanks to all the staff who over a long period have cared for mum, for their commitment and dedication.

A special thanks to those who sat and watched over mum during her final hours. We would like to make a small donation in appreciation of all that you have done.

With Kind Regards

Christine & Frank Bramall

To Gill and all the lovely staff

Thank you so much for all the care and kindness you showed to our dad Bob McAdam. The last few moments of his life were happy

From all his family xx

Review from Stella C (Daughter of Resident)  August 2017


When my Dad was transferred to Tamar Care Home I was impressed by the cleanliness and high standard of furnishings and facilities.

The amount of activities and entertainment is excellent.

The care is first class and staff very caring and always willing to help. Call bell times are minimal.

Food is excellent and my Dad loves it there and gets on with all the staff.

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